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Husband recorded this movie via DVR somewhat recently — December, I think. I knew vaguely what the movie was about, and I had read about The Scene (that is, the stunning montage of the couple’s life together, from childhood throughout all the years of their marriage) in The New Yorker, so I sort of knew what I was in for. Husband was excited because we enjoy Disney movies, and he thought it would be a fun one to watch before bedtime. We were particularly excited about the dog character because of our own beloved Sounder. The movie started, we made it through The Scene within the first 10 minutes of the movie, and both of us were in tears.

I cannot do The Scene justice in trying to describe it, so I won’t. I will say that the movie itself and the simple essence of their life together has been on my mind lately. Yesterday we went to a seminar for homebuyers so we can start that process in the near future. It seemed like the right thing to do, since we will be first-time home-buyers, and as we sat through all of the important information, I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else. “Doing this” being thinking about a home and getting ready for a family of our own someday. I know that part of the reason for our tears when we were watching Up is because they grow old together so easily and with such joy. I knew that we would get married even when were dating long-distance, because I used to have dreams where we were both old and crotchety and still side by side, talking and laughing and bickering as usual. So watching this animated, hyper-speed length of a married life somehow seemed familiar, like we are already on a similar happy together road.

Suffice it to say that I am lucky, and we are happy, and that I am thankful each day that we belong to each other.