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Passing Notes

Today I received two unexpected “notes” via email. While nothing quite compares to snail mail in my book, it was kind of thrilling all the same, to hear from two different people, from two different parts of my life, both in response to notes I had sent them much earlier. Reading both notes definitely started my day off positively and served as a reminder that it’s not that hard to keep in touch with people. It takes a conscious effort, but it is not an overwhelming or impossible task.

It’s ironic that in a universe filled with technology, where texting and tweeting and emailing permeate our lives, at times we can still feel isolated — even while we have endless means of communicating with other people. I remember watching some of the girls I coached have endless “conversations” via text, and I thought, “Why can’t you just talk on the phone??” (Granted, texting certainly has its place, but can you really have a serious relationship talk via text? Doesn’t that say something about the two of you if you can’t have a conversation face to face, or at least live on the phone? I digress.) To me there is still something sacred about taking the time to write to someone, to put pen to paper and let them see your own handwritten thoughts. I hope that never goes out of style, no matter how much technology continues to develop. This is part of the reason why I buy stationery and journals compulsively; I want to be able to write a note for any occasion because I know how much it means to me. I know it takes a little more time and effort than firing off a text…

I like that life is simple sometimes. That taking the time to drop someone a line is still meaningful and pleasantly old-fashioned. When I ponder what is important to me about my life and my work, I really thrive on being able to make connections between people, places, ideas, experiences. I love when seemingly disparate things make complete sense together. One of the ways I know how to connect best is by writing, and it has always been that way for me: leaving notes for my mom to tell her I missed her when she was gone, writing notes in class that I passed to my girlfriends between classes, writing letters to Not-Yet-Husband when we dated long distance. I sincerely hope that part of me will never change.