Hitting Reset

I am, admittedly, a Macophile. I loved my clamshell blue Mac laptop that my parents bought for me when I got to college back in ’99 — it lived through at least six years of hard use. I loved the iBook they loaned us at school when I was a teacher; it too lived long and proved to be bulletproof. And now I love my beautiful desktop iMac, one that spoils me at home and makes me feel sort of irritated toward the PC monitor I have at school (though the computer itself is a Mac Mini). Not to mention the fact that Husband bought me an iTouch a few years ago, and that also lives in my purse at all times.

Fellow Mac users know that on occasion, the pop-up box appears in the middle of the screen that says there are updates to be installed and would I like to install them. And upon accepting these updates, the computer says that it will automatically restart after the installation is complete. In a completely dorky way, I love the sound of the Mac restart, because whoever created it or engineered literally made the sound synonymous — for me, anyway — with a feeling of “restart,” if that makes sense.

In life, we have to pay attention to those moments when we have installed a series of updates based on our experiences… and as a result need to restart to make sure everything is still working correctly. In this past week, I feel like several of my “programs” got updated: my relationship with Husband after a day of arguing; my sense of closeness with my friend who is like another sister; my appreciation for my family and the simple joys in life. And so today and for the rest of the week, I will be in restart mode in order to get back to a new starting place, with a refreshed perspective.

At other times, the times when I feel stuck — similar to when the pinwheel of death appears on the Mac — I am grateful for the ability to force a restart as well. I need that option too. But the result is the same: a new starting place, with a refreshed perspective.

Cue my restart musical chord.


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